Who Knew - Inaugural Event At The Wildflower

All right, everyone, brace yourselves! We are ready to offer you a unique combination of excellent food and unique art, made right here in Niagara!
The WhoKnew group is going public, and the venue is fantastic - we're doing our very first show at the WildFlower!

This Fonthill restaurant gets rave reviews all over the place for chef Wolfgang's amazing offerings. We thought it would be perfect to team up our handcrafting abilities with his 'buy local and organic' esthetic.

Alison Ellett, one of our artists on the forefront of this event says: The concept, in a nutshell, is to take the best attributes of home parties, studio tours and trunk shows and put on a fun event where local people can meet artisans and designers working and living in their community while enjoying local food and wine. We are very excited to have Wolfgang and his staff at the Wildflower Market Restaurant hosting the event. Your food and drink, which I'm sure will be scrumptious, is covered by the ticket price.

Here's a peek at the fantastic menu:

So there you are: your ticket buys you a delectable array of offerings from Chef Wolfgang, AND you get the added bonus of being able to meet and admire (and buy the works of!) an amazing variety of local talent.
Bring a girlfriend (or two!) and have un unforgettable night!

You can make a secure payment for your ticket right here on this blog - on the sidebar to the right.

See you there!

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  1. Anonymous18.4.10

    Alison-You have really outdone yourself this time. I have to work so I can't be there but please take lots of pictures. I'm sure it will be wonderful
    Wendy BD


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