Who Knew?

Who knew there's a whole bunch of talented women in Niagara who make and sell beautiful handmade things you wouldn't find in an ordinary store?

Well, now you have the chance to find out!
We are a group with diverse abilities coming together to provide a whole spectrum of lovely, earth-friendly, hand-made goodness to all of Niagara.
Art, jewellery, clothing, home accessories and personal products
- we have them all!

As Nancy Martin, the jewellery designer who, along with Alison Ellett, a felt artist, started this group says:
This whole shebang got started when Alison and I met for coffee to discuss how we could promote our businesses. We decided the best way was to have a ladies night in the trunk show format. We know there are alot of very talented artisans in the Niagara area that just aren't able to get themselves known because there is a lack of quality shows. We decided a cosy intimate setting such as the Wildflower Market Restaurant was the perfect venue to introduce ourselves and the artisans we have invited to join us.

And so it all began...
Join our blog and discover what we have to offer.
Support local talent; support hand-made!

We do hope to see you around!


  1. Anonymous6.4.10

    Love your Web Page & your poster design. Can hardly wait to meet this talented group of ladies! About time the locals got on the self promoting path!
    See you there!


  2. Wow! Thank you for the encouragement. Do spread the word about us!

  3. Great stuff !! Good luck !!

  4. I'm adding an assortment of one of a kind APRONS for this special event!


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