Girls' Night Out

Alison Ruth                                                     Julie Prescesky

Girls' Night Out at The Wild Flower Restaurant turned out to be amazing.  We attracted our target market at our very first event!  It was a cozy setting and we all had a great time chatting with the guests. This was our 'coming out' event, and we definitely learnt from it, but on the whole, it was a great way to introduce ourselves to the public. 


The crowd that showed up was there specifically to see what we had to offer, so it was motivated.  We all received great feedback from them, and just being able to meet our customers was wonderful, since we all have online stores where we don't have that opportunity.

Martha Heise                                                                   Erin Snow

In our excitement, though, we forgot to take pictures!!! Julie managed to snag a few at the last minute, but we were all taking our stuff down by then...

                                   Liz Heise   

One of our top sellers, GracieJewellery, doesn't even have a pic, since she had already dismantled her display by then...but do check out her latest work!

Our display areas were small, but the venue was a restaurant, and for that it was fantastic.  For our next event, we hope to focus more on marketing.

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  1. It was an absolutely fabulous evening. The ladies who were there who "got" what we are trying to do - that you can buy handmade quality products made locally at reasonable prices - really seemed to enjoy themselves. Looking forward to the next Who Knew event.


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